international "etnies clearcut" contest!

Hey people!
One of my drawings has the chance to win the
international “etnies clearcut” contest!
I was told just today that I´m one of the finalists,
and over 1500 contacts of the other
finalists already voted…
So now I have to outrun all the others!
That´s only possible with your help:
Please contact all the people you know, write it down
at internet sites and discussion forums or make it
public wherever you want, that everyone shall vote
under the link below for Number 5!
A small step for you, a big step for me and the
realization of a Betty-Etnies-Sneaker!
Vote often, quickly and everywhere under
for number 5!
Let´s see how many people can be motivated.
Be the best group!
Thanks a lot for your engagement!!!

OMG_ you really posted this everywhere: Do you know how much of a pain in the A$$ it was to delete this post from like 12 topics within 3 forums! You posted it within topics about photoshop questions and things even more unrelated. One post is plenty, people don’t want to be spammed. You posted in Toy design, Students and Schools, General, Design Employment, Off Topic, Consumer Product, and within 9 old discussions in this forum! I know you are excited, but you should know better!

1_ congrats and thanx for sharing

2_ this could totally backfire on you, (apparently one of the entries has skulls, and designers don’t like to be told what design to vote for, but they love skulls)

3_ There are few core mistakes greater than posting the same thing in every forum (unless you have some great links to online poker or your looking for a cheap 1ooo sqft loft near Pratt, which is better mac or pc, or what’s the difference between product design and id)

Again, congrats and thank you for posting, but chill.

yeah, very annoying
I voted for 2

i voted for number two aswell, the blue one.

I voted for #2 as well… it has skulls! But it is the lesser of 5 evils.

i also do accessories for department stores and anything i put skulls on outsells everything… i’ve done skull belts, skull caps, skull beanies, skull wallets, skull everything, a million different variations of the skull product. im running out of names to call the damn things: ‘mad skulls’, ‘army skulls’, ‘skull trucker’ and of course ‘the punk skull’. jesus. what will be the next ‘skull’?

I didn’t vote for the blue one because it had skulls, but rather because at first glance it looked like circuit traces on a PCB. I love those patterns.

Because this product is for girls, and girls should be treated properly and get more flowers ( too often the we forget or ignore how mush this meanss to them… IT’S NOT OLDSTYLE!!!) I voted for #4.