International Design Conference 2021

I think last years was a virtual event too. Did anyone do this last year? Was it worth it?

Is it worth it you ask Mr-914…my answer is no.

I’ve just returned from a weekend with friends at a cabin in the north woods after watching last Friday…

When I watch these types of industry contents now, it rubs up against all of the other content I take in daily as I sit in front of my monitor and without the traditional context of a physical setting… it gets lost on me. (don’t we all have several videos or screens going at once when we consume content now?)

Frankly, it feels like I’m eaves dropping on a private conversation and it immediately sours the value that they are trying to convey in a very cringe-worthy manner to me especially if it is people I know personally who are on screen. (i.e. technical issues with zoom, artificial adulation of invited speakers by facilitators, false gratitude etc.) We’ve now grown into making sense of the world through the surveillance of other’s conversations on the interwebs and have completely lost the intimacy, relativity and value that goes with actually being at the conference and sharing with others physically. The takeaways are completely different and of lowered value for me now.

We have successfully built a massive self-aggrandization machine in the internet, and are now using it to promote and share things other than our discipline that is trying to evolve right before our eyes but cannot surmount the new 2 dimensional world in which it operates in. What concerns me most is the generations coming up who don’t know the difference between sharing information in a physical setting vs on a digital platform. We are just beginning to see how gens Y and Z are not able to understand nor navigate the physical world which appears to be very challenging to them.

Finally…Providing access to conference videos a year after they were created is a fabulous way to destroy the value of your brand no matter what industry you are in…

I’m curious to know, how does year-old videos kill the brand? I don’t have the time to actually attend every medical conference I want to see. Don’t get me started on if a different division is having issues hitting budget and that trickles down to giving up part of ours. Also, the virtual meeting are awesome because when they start it at 2am my time, I don’t want to watch live.

And if after a year no one is accessing paid content, it is pretty obvious it has no value. Why not make it public domain?

I do agree with you though about gen Y & Z, they definitely need to get the hell off my lawn.

Most proceedings from professional conferences are typically published 3-6 months after the event. Time will tell how long it takes for IDSA to publish their 2021 videos. My experience with IDSA is they are not very savvy publishing digital content when compared with other organizations. As a result…the content they do publish is not really that novel or actionable I find. (i.e. “climate designer” anyone???)

Makes sense. But I’d argue, was IDSA ever relevant?

1965 conference sounds like it was fun :relaxed:

Is that a fake mockup? No way that’s a new photo of a vintage 1965 program or a vintage era photo. Too clean.

Nice logo though :wink:


No clue, someone from IDSA leadership sent it to me.

12:30 AM, throw eggs at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce out of spite

It’s 100% fake. Just look at the justification on the times. You can’t do that with a typewriter or easily typesetting. And non mono spaced kerning.

I just wish it wasn’t so lazily done. Fun concept.