Hello all. i just have a few questons on the internal conponents of coffee machines.
1-What capicty boiler is needed for a 2 group head machine(answers on other sixe machines are welcome)?
2-What size of boiler will that be(deminsions)?
3-What type of motor and pump are needed?
4-What capicty(power) should they be?
5-What size aree they?min and max
5-is it possible to get them in different shape,ie a flat motor etc?
6 What weight are they?
7-What other pieces are needed?
8-Is there any regulations on pipework ar other areas of the machine to be considered?
9-Is there a maximum lenght that water and steam is allowed to travel in the pipes to the group heads and steam wands?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is the wrong place to ask your question.

If you want details on the internal parts of a coffee machine, buy one and take it apart.

if ya don’t like the fact im asking these questions, who gives a fuck. i have a machine however i would like to know some general answers as im trying to redesign it. now go annoy someone who cares :imp:

nice -
perhaps posting your question on the ‘consumer products’ section, instead of ‘software’…just a sugestion.

fair enough, but its is also the technology section

or about 1.21 gigawatts.


thanks for da info, you were a lot more helpfull than some gob :smiley: shites