Intern / work placement pay!!


like with “normal” work, core should also survey Intern / placement pay .

Since they dont (or i cannot find the numbers) could people just state;

how much a month,
“perks” (acomodation etc),
the country,
and how long,
when (1st, 2nd 3rd year, graduate or graduate)

ill start with an offer im likely to accept.

200 EURO per month! ,
no perks,
6 month
post graduate,

id like your opinions on this offer too!!!

Not entirely my experiences.

$15/hr, summer, no health insurance, got employee discount, MD

$17/hr, summer, no health insurance, MA

$21/hr, summer, no health insurance, Chicago, IL

$23/hr, summer, no health insurance, free downtown apartment, Chicago, IL

$23/hr, 4mths, no health insurance, employee discount, MI

molested cow, may I ask what type of work you were doing as an internship earning this much money? I have one definite, one possible offer to do CAD work / visualising machines. they would pay quite well, about $US 1800 / month.
However, this isn’t really in the product design business and from what I’ve seen advertised and as oneshortplanck suggests, the pay is really negligible when you do real ID internship.
Thanks for your time!


here’s my list… i’m a graduating senior at univ of cincinnati…

molested cow… you did an internship at continuum too huh… very cool.

Lexington, Ky (sophmore): spring/fall internship $16/hr free housing.
Cincinnati, Oh (pre junior): spring internship $17/hr
West Newton, MA (pre junior): fall internship $17/hr
Portland, OR (junior): spring internship $17/hr, paid travel, free housing
NYC (junior): fall internship $17/hr

Well, internship is a learning process and they usually don’t expect interns to really know how to work professionally when they hire them, so it really depends. Some companies just make you help out on which ever on going project there is. Some will assign you to a certain project. Work will range anywhere from brainstorming, sketching to CAD work ( if you happen to know the specific program they use well enough). Basically, they treat interns like a junior designer but demands a lot less responsibility, it is then up to the intern to work hard, impress inorder to get more challenging assignments.

Salary wise, US companies do pay really well. I forgot to mention what I got paid as an intern in Asia. It’s next to nothing, just enough for commuting. I know that even as a junior designer, European companies tend to pay a lot less, but people enjoy their lives there. I don’t get bothered by low salary or benefits for internships. I’m glad if they offer me somethng.