Intern at Fisher-Price

Anyone knows the company?How’s the intern experience there?Is it hard to get in?

I’m planning to apply this winter,so any of your input will be greatly appreciated.


are you american?

i hit a wall with them not willing to sponsor my visa or give me enough time to secure one for myself.

Two of my buddies went there about 4 years ago for an internship. One said it was OK and another one said it was terrible.

Just make sure you do not have to work under Peter Harris. He is really gassy…

I interned there in '94 & worked for a bunch of people who are design managers and directors now. It was an awesome experience. It’s truly an innovative company that really values creativity. There are a lot of amazing designers there that anyone - at any level - could learn from.

Seems it’s getting worse?But I heard their products are doing pretty well these days…
Hey optimistic,what are the skills they value most?just wanna make sure I’m on the right way.

Getting worse? Whaa?

I interned there last summer. It was a great experience, and I agree with optimistic about gaining valuable experience at any level.

There are a ton of talented individuals at FP. Esp. on the Boys Team. :smiley:

I highly recommend it because you’ll get to utilize all your skills as a designer. Everyone is very easy to work with and you’ll be assigned to projects that have potential for production.

As far as the skills they look for - primarily sketching & concept development. I think in toys - you need to understand the style and proportion well. I think some character development can also be helpful - as long as it’s done tastefully.

They still do a lot of foam modeling - by hand. I think good shop skills are a must for FP. Marketing is always looking to show actual 3-D models to TRU and KB.

Hope that helps.


Agreed. Developing great ideas and having the skill to communicate them visually. Hell, I think that’s what almost EVERYONE is looking for.

FP does have a great respect for interns and gets them involved in real-world, production projects. I’ve had other internships where I did things like clean out boiler rooms & wax cars, so I could really appreciate FP’s level of professionalism and respect.

Awesome place to lean and get your foot in the door.
Is it Fp in NY in East Aurora?

Agree with Optimistic and Ralphie. FP interns play a critical part in the design & development process. They’re exposed to all levels of the process, from model building in the shop to 3D modeling in Alias (or whatever you work in). With close to 40 industrial designers alone, there is a ton of creative horsepower to learn from.

Good luck!

interning at fisher price opened a bunch of doors for me… I don’t think I would be where I am today if not for them