Interior Width Measurements... heel, arch, forefoot

According to my post-hacksawing measurements of a few basketball and running shoes, it seems that the typical interior width of a men’s size 9 athletic are as follows…

HEEL: varies from 65 to 75 mm
ARCH: 65 to 75 mm (depends partly on rise of wall)
FOREFOOT: about 94 mm

Are there industry standards? Brand standards? Any specs that can be shared here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks – RH

by interior width are you talking about the last bottom template dimensions?

if i understand the question correctly, the dimensions you are talking about relate to the last. your lastmaker should be able to provide the dimensions for the last you are using. i dont normally spec these dimensions in an outsole tech drawing as the mold maker will have the actual last to use and can build the tech pkg around it.

hope this helps.


Thanks, Rich. I was working on a tech pack today (without a last) and wondered if there’s an ideally held standard that could be used regardless of the differences between lasts. We use many different factories. This design might be sampled by 3 different factories, each using a different last, so I’d like to establish a set of specs I can use consistently. It’s not imperative though.

I’m not sure there are standards, they might vary between last makers. I do know that depending on the market (Europe, USA, Asia) the last shape can be very different.

Is the company you are working for a SATRA member? If so, why not contact them? They have been very helpful to me in the past, they can also advise their members on quality control guidelines. Is there a good technologist that can help you? Technologists often set their own standards of fit, they may be able to advise you, many of the ones I worked with would carefully measure every new last I designed, sending it back to the lastmaker with amendments if it didn’t fit their guidelines.

The only guidelines I really stick to when designing outsioles is to ensure the outsole is no less than 4mm thick - otheriwse it just wears through too fast, plus to avoid straight tread design lines that run from toe to heel - they act like skis.

if you are working from different lasts then i would really not advise giving some dimensions to the measurements you mention. they should be according to the last, and if different you might have some gaping issues when fitting the lasted upper to the outsole.

best bet would be to just note “as per last” on the dimensions, and have the mold maker figure it out. or standardize the lasts, which might be a bit more difficult across factories and suppliers.

other things though you may be able to standardize that are independent of the last- rubber thickness and shoenista mentioned, colordam depth, treads, sidewall heights, toebumper heights, rubber shore durometer, midsole durometer, cementing or buffing practices, etc. most of these are usually the domain of QC or a technologist, but if you dont have one who sets some standards in place, you might be able to tackle it yourself to get better product out.