Interior Design

I’m currently looking for a interior designer to fix up my new place. How do you guys charge hourly/ by job? I know these pay rates will vary with different experience levels but if someone could give me a range that would be great

just do it yourself.
just browse pictures in mags, web, store displays, etc.
the secret is, dont get overwelmed and pick this and that, that mix and match is what ruins it for everyone.
just pick ONE scheme and stick to it, ie, buy a SET of furniture, not some of this and some of that.
dont waste your money on BS. ie. interior design.
UNLESS its for an important space…then prof help is the way to go.

ya i was asking for my sister. its her first place so she really wants to do it up. i said do it herself too, but i guess a friend of hers hired a designer and they did a great job. i was just curious.

If it’s your sisters first place, she could do it herself. Basically, I agree that you should definitely look through magazines and such, to find pieces that you like and use them around your existing pieces. figure out what the function of the room is going to be and take it from there. All spaces in a home are important whether they are public or private, mansion or apartment. And yes, you can use sets of furniture, but when done right, mix and match can be pulled off nicely. :smiley: good luck designing!