Interior Design School in Austin, TX

I am 30 years old and have a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech. I have just moved to Austin, TX and would like to make the switch to Interior Design and need to find a suitable program. I’m hoping to find something other than a 4 year Undergraduate program so that I will not be, basically, starting from scratch. Is anyone aware of a school that might offer more of a Graduate program for students that already have a degree, in the Austin area?

I am also very interested in finding a job in the industry, even if it is just doing the physical “dirty work” to gain knowledge. Do Interior Design firms typically offer those types of jobs or do they tend to outsource to contractors?

Tell us more about what an ‘industrial engineer’ does. Your background will play a critical role in what’s recommended moving forward.

…some schools offer a two year ‘residential design’ program…many interior design firms have thier own show rooms so there is ‘dirty work’ to be had…austin is a great town…keep it wierd and enjoy.

Industrial Engineering is broad, but not related to Interior Design at all. Graduates usually end up with jobs in manufacturing/warehousing facilities making processes more efficient or work for a consultant firm (like Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, SAP, etc.) After graduation I worked as a Supplier Quality Engineer, ensuring we received quality products from our vendors, for a company that designed and manufactured POS (point-of-sale) terminals for the fast food, entertainment and hospitality industries.

ok, so it sounds like you’ve got lots of experience working with materials, and have a great attention to detail. Interior design is probably a great option here then. So much of a successful project depends on paying very close attention to everything that’s happening in the project. Interior designers also probably have the most varied assignments working with the widest variety of materials too, so i’m certain you will enjoy it, if you dont mind the hard work.

An interesting alternative would be to get a job working for a contractor on restaurants, hotels, private residences, etc. doing quality control and design assistant work. Just an idea…