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Hey guys,

Longtime reader of Core77, first time poster.

I was curious to know whether you guys know of any good Interior Design forums that exist, ideally contract/commercial based
design rather than ‘Elle Decor’ style Interior Design, although any community would be good.

I’ve never come across one before and Google doesn’t return much. Unfortunately the few big industry publications don’t seem to have discussion boards or forums so I’m at a loss as to where to find one.


Thanks Delicate,

The link you provided kinda highlights the reason I asked here. I know Core77 is a knowledgable and professional community and some people inevitably have some interest/experience with the Interior/Architecture side of the industry.

The problem is, there are many forums which claim to be Interior Design related but a lot of them aren’t exactly very good, and I was just asking in case anybody knew of a popular, well populated community.

Either would be great but a UK focused board would be ideal.

How come posts keep getting removed?

Looks like I’m talking to myself :slight_smile:

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Yes, I was also looking to learn about design basics to make my villa more beautiful.