Interior Des at Domus, any takers?

Hey is anybody enrolled in or planning to head to Domus for the Masters in Interior & Livin design course?

Does anybody know what Domus is like? What worries me the most is the fact that its all taught in freaking Italian!

Could use the advice. :confused:

I heard that Domus is not that interesting choice anymore, Don’t you have any other choice?

Am confused beyond words. Esp after reading the postings on the forum.
Man! Domus - mixed reviews.
design Academy - Mixed again.
Florence DA - Web site is sad man. Spoke to passouts…not for architects they say.
Elisava - Spanish onlyu
IED - the jury is out.
SPD - dunno where to start.

Like I said, I’m confused.

I had a professor in school who went to Domus. It seemed like they taught people more about how to talk like a designer than actually do design. Everytime I was in class I thought I had accidentally wandered into some weird philosophy course.

Oh yeah? They seem to be really big on critique…this I know.
What school are u in?