interfaces in photoshop

Hi, I have seen lots of links to tutorials that can show you how to use photoshop to render sketches, what I am looking for are tutorials which show you how to create interfaces in photoshop. The link below takes you to a tutorial which is like what I want to achieve but when the person says, “I’m using the dodge tool” and I’m just adding shadow here, I need to know how to use these hings.

Does anyone know where I can find tutorials like the one below which explains a bit more?


also if you feel there is a more appropriate way to create interface designs please let me know

That’s probably close to as good as you are going to get for a free tutorial. I’d recomend purchasing one if you want to know a lot more.

have you got any idea where i could buy one from?

Illustrator is a better interface design tool. You can do almost everything that guy did in Photoshop in Illustrator these days and it’s much more forgiving and interactive (not to mention resolution independant.)

A good example: Illustrator 9 Rainbow of Gel Buttons - Part 1A

I recommend picking up “The Illustrator WOW book

illustator can do all that these days!!! you are right. the only tricky thing is that there are no bevel or emboss tools, and at small sizes some of the filters are hard to work with…plus it takes a while to get good at…i’d love to show you guys some of my .ai renderings but work won’t allow me.

and it is so much easier to use as a design too, and not just a tool to create renderings…

i only us photoshop to render scanned sketches or final final renderings…but that is rare because by then it’s already in cad…

I would actually reverse engineer something to see how you can replicate the effect. I had an interactive project a while back for Sirius Satellite Radio where they needed animations of their PNP Radios working.

I took some nice hi-res photos of the actual products and started breaking them apart in photoshop so i could re-create the screens changing and buttons moving, lighting up, etc. Once I figured out how the shadows dropped and reflections changed on the product I was able to make all the parts I needed and tweaked them to be dead-on accurate.

When I finally animated the whole thing in After Effects it looked very photo realistic and I could create a lot of modified actions that wouldn’t have been possible if I was just moving photos around on screen.

I would also search through Google for “photoshop interface tutorials” and see what pops up. there are a lot of good ones out there if you take the time to look.

Heres one I found real quick:

Also has great XL photos of the stereos and components they sell which work perfectly for what i was describing or for using as maps for rendering.