interface design info...

I might get a job (as a freelance) to design the icons and the inerface of a software. I have already started a research about software interface design, ergonomics etc. I wonder if you have in mind any related url to look at.

Thank you in advance!

When I worked on designing icons for a custom home security software I referenced this site:

The client loved the look of the Windows XP interface, so there was alot of direct reference to the soft embossed look of XP. That site gives great insight into the use of color, layer filter levels and the overall implementation of the XP icons

My background is in Architecture and Industrial Deisgn, but I always love a good graphic project. There is alot of understanding neccessary to design icons, it is its own science. Users need to understand an icon and its functions upon first glance. This was very difficult, in my example, when designing for functions that are used in home security and aren’t always that farmiliar with a general household user. It was fun at first, but we really got bogged down when it hit us that we were designing 207 icons. It was alot of work, and we didn’t always get the icons right on the first go around, even after an aethetic style was established. It took many more hours than I had initially thought.

Hope this point of view helps.

Thank you architorture! Great site, giving many info on how actually to design the icons!

Once most of the users use windows environment, i guess i will have some how to "borrow"some of the icons MS uses…In fact, i have read and advised to use graphics that someone already knows and not to try to create a new code of communication between software and user…

thanx again!