Interesting write up...... one80design

Kinda shady how they posted this job listing:

Presentable conceptual sketching, team critiques, 2D layouts, highly knowledgeable of manufacturing processes, proficient in 2D/3D computer software (ai, psd, indd, SLDRT, wire), and prototype and vendor liaison. Presentation and organizational capabilities a plus.

Why doesn’t one80design list the actual programs that they use? Could ya tell they might not want any software companies to know they are using programs that they are not paying for? Hmmmmm…

You might be right! there
However I as an individual didn’t have to pay for my AI. or PhS.

yo, I heard this firm steals thier software as well. I could see students using free copies but consultanies who make bank?

i know a lot of companies where i live use illegal software. its definately not uncommon. you would think that they wouldn’t want to risk it, since in comparison to a lawsuit, many programs are fairly cheap. the programs that oil companies and some types of engineers are in the hundred thousand dollar range, and rhino is like under a thousand but i guess some people have no sense.

If JW is running thr show there, then you know it is a SHADY operation!!

I think it’s just because the copy was written by someone who doesn’t use the software. Like calling a jpeg image a “jaypeg”.

Unfortunatly I can also verify the same news (NYC local designer…go Pratt!!!) Maya, Solidworks seats all hotter than a skillet in the sun.

People that know and use those applications know what those acronymns mean (hint, they’re filename extensions.)

Not shady, just efficient. Do you need me to .ppt that for you?

In being a NY designer it is commonly known and is a running joke that one80design has illegal Solidworks, Maya and other various programs. Too bad sooo sad. Reputation is so important in the business.

… far as I’m concerned, y’all should still be using lead holders and T-squares.

Anyone know what an eraser shield is? How 'bout an Amne’s lettering guide?

gd dmnd young whipper snappers…

All I have to say is ‘Schlarven_Asshat’

all the design firms i’ve worked for use illegal software…pretty sad…but they were all small…under 10 people…still doesnt justify though…

Yes Shady. This clearly is the reason for not stating the Program names. A good friend of mine used to work there a few years ago.

I just heard that One80design was forced by SolidWorks to actually buy the software. How aweful… Now they just have to buy legitimate seats of Maya and Alias…

has gossip dropped to these levels? jeez louise

I heard that they promiss russian designers luxurious design jobs but when they get here they chain them onto computers to pump out cheap designs for china. :smiling_imp: