Interesting rant about the wonders of the web

Tonite I found for the second time an article that I thought was worthy of the Core web log. Ironically, it has to do with poor design on the web. I say ironically because I can not seem to find a way to submit an article onto the web log. Moreover, when my eyes wander over to a link marked, enticingly, “Submit News/Articles” (probably not to the web log), that link is dead.

Thank you Core crew.

While I’m on the subject…during the new site redesign could we hide some of the clutter from the current page? Maybe just highlight the absolutely newest and hottest links to other things on the site.

Oh…and btw:

IYO…have things improved on buying stuff over the world wide web?

Wow, you dug that one up from 2004… that post is almost 3 years old.

Which is major justification for the have things improved question…heh hehe heh… :unamused: