Interesting Phone

The story…

What… a… waste.


…Then I clicked on the second site… Now I’m rolling on the floor!

sounds like someone in marketing brought in a new iphone and heard about viral ads on the interwebs and said “lets do this”… nice site, cool concept (given the somewhat tongue in cheek “do everything”), but terrible marketing concept and execution (for a travel promo).

just the fact the i surf the web for pretty much 4 hours a day, visit tech blogs, etc. and have never heard of this, makes it a complete fail in my book.


I definitely think they missed the boat with short attention span of todays viewers. I waited forever, then saw a phone gag thing that was cool, then it ended and something else started to load which I then assumed must’ve been an ad coming so I closed it. I didn’t even know it was for NS until I read the second link. The presentation was great, but it overwhelmed the intent. Cool stuff though, I’ll have to go back one day to see the actual NS part.

yes, ditto, and I was just saying to myself “do we really need another phone named after obscure fruit”? A good example of a great idea with poor execution and totally mismatched to the overall purpose. But, hey, maybe the failure will get enough publicity and offset the loss (doubtful, but you never know).