Interesting lamp cords

I’ve looked low and high for interesting lamp cords and I’m afraid that anything aside from the typical brown, white, black, gold, flat lamp cord found at most hardware stores in the USA is the only option. Perhaps these things are coming from Europe which is fine if anyone knows any sources.

I’ve found a few rayon sheaths but none of the interesting colors and braids that you commonly see in the mags. where are these things sourced from?

any thoughts?



Perhaps these things are coming from Europe which is fine if anyone knows any sources.

these things …” Mark, did I miss something?

A link, or image, of these things would be helpful.

by “these things”, I meant, “interesting lamp cords” as I mentioned above. As in, something aside from the typical flat, plastic brown, blk, gold, wht. lamp cord available at hardware stores in the usa.

Like, braids, weaves, meshes, intersting colors, etc.

Here’s one example:

it’s a flash site so i’ll have to direct you to the image

enter site…look at column on far right “work 3”…3rd link from bottom, “paola’s lamp”

it shows a more interesting/ unusual cord.

thanks for the reply[/img]

google cloth lamp cords. there are a lot of neat antique/vintage ones out there. i don’t have time to search for it but there are a few websites that specialize in replacement parts for antique lamps and such.

hey Mark,

That actually looks like an inustrial type “sheathing” material applied over a cord. These coverings are usually “automotive” products; I’ve seen a lot of different types, and colors.

A quick google of “designer lamp cords” found this:

There is, however, a disclaimer: Use ONLY on UL approved electrical cords

I didn’t consider U/L apporval, but I would suspect that you would need/want it if you intend to sell in the US. It also ocurred to me that anything applied OVER an approved cord might void it’s approval.

This is a link to a Sweedish company that makes textile covered cords. They have a nice selection of colors and different kinds of covering, including metal mesh.


That is interesting stuff!

Something that may be of help, especially to participants of this forum, would be how you found Frinab.

Did you have previous experience with them, or did you do a “search”. And if you did a search, which engine, and what keywords/phrases did you apply?

Many questions posted on this forum would seem to indicate that a lot of designers are not familiar with “sourcing” methodology and the resources available.

He he, well i have to admit that the answer is a bit more analog. I actualy met a sales rep. at our stand at the Copenhagen furniture fair in 2005, so i had a sample and his business card laying around our workshop.

It has been realy hard trying to find good textile covered chords. I`m still having a hard time finding a source that can supply our production in China.

In fact,most of the lamp cordsare from China.

UL offices in China works very hard to keep the electri wire meet the standards,which is the most different between Chinese manufacturer and anothers’.like india,Vietnam’s factory.

I think it’s a good choice for you If you don’t mind

UL approval is the big part. I am sure that fixture is not UL approved. Yes, anything you modify voids UL acceptance.

I wouldnt suggest to anyone that you dont want need UL approval if selling in the US. It all depends on who you plan on selling to. Some young adult in a dorm or apartment will probably not care. A majority of homeowners may not care, if its beautiful, thats all they may care about. If you ever wanted to be in a commercial space, condo, etc, you bet you need UL or ETL approval!

Anything you purchase from a store would also need approval. You would never find something on the shelf from target that isnt.

Look around, there are tons of options! look into different markets, not just lighting. computers, automotive, etc… And if for whatever reason you did want ul approval on a cord that isnt…submit it for approval, its expensive though. If you have some amazing design (and buyers) im sure you could get the backing one way or another if they believe in the product.