Interesting/instructive Auto Photo Retouching - WOW

In the linked article there is a very revealing video of the amount of editing and retouching of a single auto beauty photo. I was surprised by the number of photos combined for the lighting of one photo.

I had no idea how much went into that!

Yeah, this technique works surprisingly well for renderings too. Once clown passes became a part of keyshot it was always far easier to focus on properly lighting 1 part of the model at a time and then compositing them all together. Makes it so much easier to get the highlights punched where you want, without completely butchering your lighting and materials each time.

I remember seeing a video like this on someone shooting and compositing a watch hero shot. By the end of the process you could have just as easily called it an illustration as a photograph. Crazy how much goes into these things.

Human mind always attracted by the unrealistic