Interesting ID history lessons

If you haven’t encountered Matthew Bird and his history of Industrial Design lectures produced for RISD students during Covid - it’s worth a look. 31 lectures, an enormous amount of work. He’s fun to watch and listen to, but pick and choose what you’re interested in – AND no YouTube ads. I’ve been in this profession for 50 years and I learned something, I disagreed with him on occasion but I lived through more of it than he did - but still, kudos to Mr. Bird.


Fantastic series, thank you for sharing it.

Thanks for spreading the word about Matt Bird’s channel!

Matt taught my History of ID class and it was one of my favorites. You can imagine how engaging these classes were in person, really awesome. Perfect break between grueling studio classes too ; ) You reminded me to queue them up again – nice way to listen to some ID content outside of the day-to-day work.