Interesting Conspiracy Theory

Just to wake up the conspiracy theorist in you, check this out:

Cute little piece of socialist propaganda complete with Nazi speeches but it’s all BS:

You can’t tell me that an average citizen knows what a missile sounds like flying overhead or that they smelled cordite as that movie states, yeah right. Joe Schmoe knows what cordite smells like let alone is. I bet over half of those quotes are fabricated.

Amazingly there’s one for the WTC ( too that insinuates that “jet fuel burns at to low a temp to hurt steel or long enough.” etc etc more BS. When in reality the impact blew the fire retardants off the steel.

One need only watch TLC’s “Anatomy of a Collapse” to see what happened and blow away these stupid uniformed theories that appeal to the weak-minded and are a disgrace to all those who died.

So where did the plane go!?

See you are one who couldn’t discern that the photos of crashes into cornfields (they showed as see the parts) had only the resistance of the ground at a shallow angle probably at less than 30degrees. From a shallow angled crash the aircraft is breaking up as much as it is disintegrating which is why there are parts left. Even one of the crash pics they showed in the movie of one that crashed into the ground had only a tail left!

So in answer to your question it disintegrated. That would tend to happen when you fly a mostly aluminum plane filled to the top with highly flammable jet fuel at 350mph perpendicular into steel reinforced limestone walls.

That’s certainly not difficult to realize seeing how the world has never had experience with this sort of crash.

Listen Oliver Stone wanna be. The fact is, 200 people died in The Pentagon because of these chicken shit terrorists. That’s enough to convince me. How would you like it if I shove a scaled down 757 model up your ass. I bet you would not be able to find it.

Check this out:

Not much left of that silly little plane.

Were da plane go? hum maybe it was really just a car bomb…

The Pentagon is made of concrete- 1-2 meters thick. Do you think the plane would still be intact?

You saw what happened to the two planes that hit the twin towers, they just evaporated!

they don’t make planes like they used to.

I knew they would blow up in an impact like that… but pulverized… WOW…

Thanks for that movie…