Interesting Concepts/Products/Ideas...

there isn’t really a thread for footwear that catches the eye or looks like it’s headed in an interesting direction, so i figured it would be nice to have a thread where we could post and discuss various shoes as they break into the market.

here’s something i say today…it’s from Li Ning, and it looks like a Kukini with Nike Free technology (and even comes in Turbo Pink!!!), but it definitely looks really nice. it’s a step away from their bulkier basketball line.

4 cool old shoes awkward mashe together! I wonder what they were going for? It is not gracefully executed though, that is certain.

these things are billed as running shoes. usually you want to avoid pressure points in key areas but these seem to put pressure points right on the met-heads. the over shoe is extremely ugly and i wish they had done something more interesting with the textile sock.

I really like that. Very innovative. Looks like a no cement construction somewhat similar to the Newson shoe, but combined with a Free sock. Seems the TPU cage wraps around the EVA midsole and the sock is not connected.

I really do appreciate products like this that push the boundaries and bring something novel to the table. So much better than just a few pattern shifts and the usual airbag or whatever tech.



I really want to see that concept as a womens stretch boot on a wedge!

Back in my Shellys shoes days my boss would’ve gladly paid the tooling for me to do just that. But those days are gone now and in fast fashion it is all about price. Which is sad.