Interested in volunteering? Pfolio-building? World-changing?

Hey all, I just wanted to throw this out there,

I work with a social enterprise called The Extraordinaries. We just created an online volunteering platform called Sparked (, which allows skilled folks like yourselves to volunteer for nonprofits around the world, all through the web, and in just a few minutes at a time. Many of our nonprofits are in need of simple creative help - website feedback, logos, twitter backgrounds, etc - which is why I’m putting a call out here. It’s a great portfolio-builder, and it’ll probably make you feel a little better about yourself.

It would great if you could sign on as an individual. But it would be even greater you could get your whole design firm involved. If your whole team wants to jump on board, gimme a holler -

Meanwhile, check our platform out @ and tell us all what you think!