Interested in user research for virtual worlds & games ?

IDSA-HIX interviews Heather Desurvire on user research for virtual worlds & video games.
The Human Interaction (HIX) section of IDSA continues the Inside the Designers Studio interview series with Heather Desurvire, the principal of Behavioristics, and specializes in game user research, and is on faculty at the USC’s game studies program. Heather talks about her studies at UC Berkeley & NYU and her growth as a user experience professional for Fortune 100/500 companies, leading to her work in video games for companies such as LucasArts, Electronic Arts, Disney, Sega, Activision among many others. Heather give advice to students on the unique knowledge and skills a grad in the UX disciplines will need in order to work in in user research for playability/usability for virtual worlds and video games.