Interested in ID in Asia?

Hi all,

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I have reciently started a forum meant for industrial designers operating out of Asia to network, discuss and perhaps land a job. Members invited include designers of both asian and international variety, design educators, design employers, and design sponsors.

Here is the site:

Designers interested in working where all the action is please feel free to join up!


Dear fellow designers and innovators,

An update! I like to announce that our Asian ID community finally has a new home!

I have purchased the domain name to take over the original site. Please update your bookmarks!

The objective of this site has not changed. It will continue to be a platform for all Multi-disciplinary Designers in the Asian region to network. With we will just cement our objective in stone.

Finding a name was difficult. It is only after much deliberation and discussions with other fellow designers, that it was concluded that we just cannot afford to miss out in the Asian boom in product development and Design. In the end, was the best name as its short sharp and easy to remember.

I look forward to seeing all of you online and once again please spread the word of our new name!

Warm Regards,
LMr. is now AD-Free for a better networking experience.

Ver 3.8 now. All righty, we have figured out why we cant get access from china. My web host in the us has its entire ip range block by china.

So as of today we have officially moved to a different host who assures me that he has no problems with access from china.

So fellow chinese designers, we missed you at, please come again for a visit, and so sorry for all the inconvenience.