Interdisciplinary Grad Program?

Hi guys-

I’m an undergrad double major in Art (graphic design concentration) and Mechanical Engineering (granted, a BA - yes, I know, who gets a BA in engineering? apparently I do…I just don’t have time for anything else), looking to go into ID. Because of my joint interest, I don’t want to go to a purely “artsy” school, but I also don’t want to go to a purely engineering school. I like the ideology of the MIT Media Lab’s interdisciplinary approach to research - bringing together engineers/scientists and musicians/arts etc - but it’s not particularly ID centric…

Basically, do you have any recommendations for quality grad programs that focus specifically on an interdisciplinary approach to design (that is also leaning more towards research-based)?


Georgia Tech’s ID program might interest you. It’s not specifically interdisciplinary, but it is a state school with plenty of other departments. I’m sure there’s a bit of cross-pollination just by proximity.

EDIT: I was looking through their FAQ and this might be something very close to what you are looking for. They state that interdisciplinary education is an important part of their program:

U Penn’s IPD program:
Integrates design, engineering, and business

Stanford: Stanford
They have a few different programs going on: the first is a design masters which integrates business, engineering, and design. The other is where you can be a grad student in any field and take product design classes at their school of design.

Carnegie Mellon:
Integrates business and design… probably a little engineering as well.

If you want research based, I would check out IIT’s program- i’ve heard some pretty good things.

Hope this helps, but If you want more, in depth information, I would really recommend using the search tool for this topic as it has been discussed quite a bit already.