Interdisciplinary Design Programs - Grad

Hi there,

I’m looking into interdisciplinary design programs for grad school and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. It looks like Central Saint Martins has a program called Design Studies, and there are independent iniatives like Bruce Mau’s Institute without Boundaries… Any other ides? Location doesn’t matter.


the institute of design at IIT in chicago has two options. the master of design program has tracks - product, communication and planning but since fall 2004 they have allowed students to create their own focus areas in a general program with the permission of their advisors. there’s a guy who’s taking equal amounts of product and interaction because his focus is on interactive products (duh) and neither the traditional focus on product design nor graphics was suiting him

their master of design methods (mdm) is a one year degree in design methods

their url is

Arizona State…

how about others
a list of schools for grad program.PHd or master,
Hope someone can give a clue :slight_smile:

There are some state-colleges that also have the grad programm, right?

I know that Columbia College in Chicago has three options - just not quite sure what they are. A believe that Cal Arts might as well.