Hi. I’m looking to get advice on the working conditions or general info on INterbrandLLC, a design licensing firm. I was forwarded a job offer and during my research, some info on them surfaced in the archives of this board. I know some of you may have spoken and has even interviewed with them before. any info would greatly help. thanks.

FYI - InterbrandLLC is not to be confused with InterBrand.

So this isn’t InterBrand in Cincinnati?

Interbrand LLC is in New York.

do diligent research

Have you met anyone at Interbrand? Bob McMeekin is pretty down to earth. Dorothy Brand is the head merchandiser and is the main contact. I’ve done a number of freelance projects for them.

Last spring, it boiled down to myself and another individual for the accessory design position. Let’s just say I was edged out by the other person because I was not “urban” or “hip hop” enough.

You can email me if you’d like to speak further.