Interactive touch (no, It's not a touchscreen!)

I was wondering if any of you know any resources regarding the feel and touch of materials in relation to interaction design. Sure I can find a lot of information regarding the technical properties of different materials (friction, heat conductivity, weight), but what I’m really interested in is a resource where these get coupled with interaction design - or more precisely how users perceive different materials and surfaces and what affordances this brings with it.

There are a large number of books, software, etc. regarding material selection, but none of these take into account how the material choice affects the users perception and mental model of the product.

Have nobody written a book or made a website about stuff like this, or will the only way be to get hands on experience and then try and reason?

I’ve never seen any. Everyone does their own research specific to context. Usually it seems to be attached to “perceived quality attributes” which extends to heft, color, material, finish.

But if we can have entire books written about color, I don’t see why we can’t have one about touch.

Yeah, but it doesn’t seem to be any as far as I can see.

Theres some books about the physical perception (from a medical standpoint), some for marketing/branding, a few for graphic design, but none for design/product development specifically.

If anybody comes across a book or other resources I’m still very interested…