Interactive Products Portfolio

Hey guys,

I’m graduating from the industrial design program at Georgia Tech this spring, but, I’ve spent most of my internships in ux. It seems to me that the line between these two disciplines is thinning by the day, and I’m trying to use what I’ve learned in the digital and bring it back to the physical.

Because of that, it’s always been difficult trying to get the right feedback. I’ve gotten a fair amount from ux’ers and my peers in school over the years, but I’m really interested to see what you guys think especially. I have an idea what my weak points are, but I’m curious to see what you might bring up that I wouldn’t have expected.

So if you get a chance, take a look:

All feedback, good and bad, is more than welcome.


Hey Basheer

As a student myself I can’t give an industry perspective but hope this is some help. The work in your portfolio looks great, you clearly have developed a wide range of skills combining ID with UI/UX which can only be a good thing. There are a couple things you might want to re-assess.

  1. The header (image with the stars? and your info “basher tome…” and links) is quite large; it takes up over half the page on my browser anyway…without scrolling, I see half of the “Hue” project. Maybe you could make it a bit smaller to show a bit more of the project summaries? Other than this website is looking really nice and professional.

  2. You have experience in UX, in my experience theres a lot of user research and understanding of human behavior which guides your decisions. I can’t see this too much in your portfolio, although I’m sure it’s been done, maybe you could look to include a little bit more of the process involved, early ideas, iteration, user research etc.

nice work!