interactive life cycle analysis site?

I seme to remember a while back on the Core blog seeing a post about a website that helpded calculate a products life cycle impact assesment or life cycle analysis (depending on who your reading…)

I thought it might have had something to do with the Okala project but I can’t seemt o find anything on that website. I seem to remember it may have also been in beta…

Anyone remember this?

not super detailed…but is this what you where thinking of?

Thanks asago…

I don’t think this is the exact one I saw (although it might be) - but it is essentially what I was looking for.

I may go back through the blog posts and see if I can find it - it was originally posted about a montha go I think.

One of these might be what you’re looking for:

SimaPro by PRe

Found it…

From the site:

Introducing SustainableMinds.comTM, an on-demand, Web-based software and information suite that answers the questions: “What is sustainable design?” and “How can we make it work for us?”. At the core is design decision support software that enables environmental life cycle assessment and rapid iteration of product concepts in the earliest stages of design. integrates the science of OkalaTM with existing product design tools and powerful Web 2.0 capabilities to develop the skills and knowledge of designers and their organizations to grow new revenue and markets through sustainable product innovation.