Interactive Handheld manufacturers?

Is anyone aware of off the shelf touchscreen handhelds that run Embedded Realtime Operating Systems like OSE?

The usual suspects (Microsoft PocketPC, Palm, Symbian etc.) won’t cut it–they’re not realtime.

My natural instinct is to design from scratch, but surely there are off the shelf packages out there that could jump-start development?

I am not ABSOLUTELY sure as I don’t follow the OS closely (although I should) but Maemo might do this. I know they have a couple of programs that provide realtime data.

Maemo is used on the Nokia internet tablets (770, n800, n810) and is open source and has a good development structure behind it. Hope I helped!

Just to clarify, I’m looking for a hardware solution.


Oh … I guess I am misunderstanding. Are you looking for an OS that supports this so you can write code to use the feature, or are you looking for a piece of hardware that already has code written so you can see the code in use on an existing mobile product?

Do you already have the hardware piece that you know can provide real time data, or do you need that as well?

I want a hardware device that I can run an RTOS on.

gotcha, that’s a tough one. Again… the only thing I could possibly point to are the Nokia internet tablets. Because they are Open Source you might be able to modify the RTOS you have to run on them as the native OS (I believe) is able to do what you describe:

Here is the tablet: Nokia 770 Internet Tablet - Wikipedia

Here (might) be an example of the OS being able to provide Real Time data:

All the internet tablets (770, n800, n810) are basically the same so you should be able to do this on the newer hardware as well.