interaction / ui / experience design?

hi everybody.

i’m standing before a descision. i studied grafikdesign in a 3 year programm and now i am doing my BA in industrial design.

i have an oportunity to do a big research (usability testing, etc) and developing an UI + interaction for a mobile device.

would it make sence to focus on interaction / ui / experience design with my background? and if so, would this be a good startup for getting deeper into a specific theme? i am not sure if its the field industrial designers are liked to be seen in…


To clarify, are you asking:

  1. if you should change your major?
  2. if you’re qualified to take on the project?
  3. if you should take the project?

I feel that all Design is about the experience. A users perception will create either a good experience or a bad experience of the product or environment. This in turn will cause the user to buy the product again, come to the same environment or on the flip side cause them to be totally turned off. This is true with graphic, ID, Architecture, retail design, Packaging and so on. So i would think that the experience you get in this will be a big help.

I hope this helps