Interaction design vs. Design strategy (MBA)

Hey peeps

I have an ongoing confusion about the choice for my masters. I am a product designer and am wondering if i should go for a course in Interaction/experience design or a design startegy oriented MBA course. To be honest in all my projects i find myself struggling with the visual appeal part but i am able to back it up with a solid usability and startegy based solution.
Also, i want to start up ,not a studio, but a product based company as soon as i’m able to dissolve those capital issues. i mention this because further education costs a lot in terms of time and money, and honestly i am considering if i should just get working on the business plan and chuck the whole education part but learn the trade on job.

Your point of view might just help me see better!

IF you are already strong on the interaction and strategy side of things, I’m confused why you would get a masters in the areas you are already strong in?

I find that people who are typically not as skilled at the actual design part often dismiss it as “visual appeal”. Don’t fall into that trap. Your eyes don’t form bonds, your emotions do. Creating an emotional connection with a user can surmount everything else.


I’d pursue an MBA. It’ll fine tune your “strategy” skills, and also open many corporate doors. I like the MBA program at Northwestern, especially.