Interaction Design Scene in Canada

Dear Core77 members,

What is the interaction / UI /User Experience design scene like in Canada? Is it booming at all? What I’m looking for is a full-time permanent job in that area, at least three years in duration. For me., quality of life and stability is very important.

I’m willing to work anywhere in Canada where there will be a suitable job. I have one major issue, though: I have an Irish citizenship and I wonder whether the Canadian government restricts foreign applicants from applying to Interaction Design positions.

If anyone can give me some pointers, that would be great.


Where in Canada?

your best bet would be in Ottawa/Toronto.

I’m not an interaction designer, but I’ve been looking for design jobs in Montreal for the last 4-5 months. I’ve noticed probably 20 posts on different job boards in the Montreal area. Probably 50% are for website or web application design. Maybe 25% are video games and the rest are a mix.

Ottawa has a very strong software development scene. Toronto has everything.

Thanks for the replies! I’ve got an interaction / ID combo job in Dublin, Ireland. It wasn’t expected but it happened.

Mod, you may close the thread but if you want to keep the discussion about design scene in Canada going, feel free to keep it open.