interaction Design internship


I was wondering if people here know of or know how to get to companies an interaction designer / interface designer / experience designer could go and apply for an internship.

I have looked, asked and searched (yes, also on core77), but to not much avail.

Any help is appreciated!

I’m not sure I understand the question - are you asking for recommendations of companies engaged in interaction design activities, or are you asking for tips on structuring a portfolio to get this type of job?

My students have quite good success claiming interaction design internships and jobs; the show a mixture of sketching abilities, contextual research and user testing methods, the ability to think diagrammatically (ie, the ability to synthesize complicated data sets), and an iterative and user-centered design process.


I am looking for companies engaged in interaction design, which are accepting internships or are willing to consider taking one on.

Thank you for the other information though… I will use it to evaluate my portfolio!