Interaction Design Institute Ivrea is no more?

Early in April I got an acceptance e-mail from Interaction-Ivrea for their masters program in interaction design. Then last Friday I was e-mailed and told that the school will “join forces with Domus Academy” in Milan starting next year and that my acceptance has been transferred to there.

Did anyone else on this board apply to Interaction-Ivrea? Are there any current students reading this? Does anybody have opinions on the Domus Academy? It seems like a significantly different sort of program as it runs for one year instead of two. Also it seems that the current “I-Design” program at Domus Academy is taught in Italian, which won’t work for me.

This news came as a shock as I was starting to orient my future around moving to Ivrea. Since both schools are funded by the same corporate sponsor I’m wondering what the motivation behind this merger is and if anybody else has heard additional information.

I got my hopes up, I got accepted, and now the school doesn’t exist. I will post to this thread as I find out more.

Same thing happened to me…I called them to find out what’s going on and they just said to contact Domus for more info on the program. The professors from IDII will supposedly be moving to Domus; although not sure how many. I don’t know much about Domus, but their website is really bad. Yeah, this kinda sucks and could be interesting at the same time.

You say that both schools are funded by the same corporate sponsor?(olivetti)?

What should we do simonK?

Yeah, they are both part of the Progetto Italia social initiatives. I got the same response back from IDII that I should get a hold of Domus with all questions. I wonder how many of the faculty members are moving? I also wonder what will happen to the students who have already completed one year of the program. How will they transfer to a program that’s only one year long? Will IDII stay around another year to let them finish? If so, how would faculty be able to move?

I’m not sure what to do yet, I just don’t have enough information. I applied and was accepted at other schools in the US so at least I still have other options. How do you feel about the fact that the Domus program is one year instead of two? Can anyone here weigh in on the pros and cons of a one year program versus a two year?

Glad to find more people facing the same dilemma.
I too got the acceptance mail & then the “joining forces…” one.
Haven’t heard from Domus yet.

I got an e-mail this morning from Domus with slightly more information but it’s still pretty vauge. It sounds like they’ll have a program catalog at the end of the month.

Together Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and Domus Academy are creating the new Interaction Design Master’s Course, which will commence in January 2006 in Milan.

The two institutes are joining forces and unifying the two curricula so as to offer a much richer and complete experience and know-how to those who want to study Interaction Design.

The strong points of Interaction-Ivrea and Domus Academy will be drawn together to create the new amalgamated course, and some Faculty members of both institutes will join forces to teach together. In addition, the workshop facilities from Interaction-Ivrea will be transferred to Milan.

The new combined course will start on the 11th January and end on the 6th December 2006 and will be validated with 180 credits by the University of Wales (Great Britain).

At the end of the month we will publish, and forward to you, the Course’s definitive program.

Got the same mail from Domus.

prospective interaction design students unite!

Still no word on the IDII website but Domus has posted a press release.

It looks like the current students will be finishing up their two year program in Milan without much change to their curriculum.

so is anyone going to reply within the one week timeline to go to domus? I think that I might as well…12k euros for an MA doesnt sound bad at all…

John Thackara’s latest Doors of Perception Report gives a bit more insight into this situation. This is the first straight talk and criticism I’ve seen on the issue:

A brutal policy change by its main sponsor, Telecom Italia, has forced Interaction Design Institute Ivrea to move to Milan and effectively merge with Domus Academy. The two organizations describe the move stoically as “a great opportunity for growth”, but the fact remains that the Ivrea team will be broken up and funding for the combined entity drastically reduced. Telecom’s decision is short-sighted and represents a stupendous destruction of value: It is breaking up a hub, five years in the making, for a new community of practice in a subject area strategically crucial for telecoms.

i am in domus and we heared about this change (not officialy). Although i am in another course i do know that the course leader Mr Moderini is a great teacher and person!!!

Well, I did re-apply to Domus & have got an admission, however, no financial aid except the early admission fee rebate.
I want to know if working while studying is possible with the i-design course at Domus? I can’t finance my fee & stay otherwise.

Hey, I’m also in the same situation. Right now I’m looking for finance (bank loans, etc) since Domus is not recognized by my country’s student loan program, which I am quite disappointed about.

Anyways, have all of you replied with your acceptance as well as submitted your first payment/deposit?

I’m also looking for people to room with or find accomodation with. Have you all found accomodation yet or looked into it yet?