Intel offers prize for sexiest PC

million dollars!

time to get to work!

Its about time they start competing with Apple. This contest should motivate all iDers to generate some great designs. Good luck to all!

That little intro clip looks like a half assed rip off of the michel gondry video for the chemical brothers

jaja, how can you do any design if you don’t even read??? :sunglasses:

“The grand prize winner will receive $300,000 (£159,000) to enable the mass production of the system and $400,000 (£212,000) to co-market the design with Intel. The runner-up will receive up to $300,000 to help with manufacturing costs.”

This reminds me to the mocosoft design contest:

More info here:

You better don’t bother… :confused:

“The challenge is not open to members of the general public or to individuals”