pardon the puns but do you Salivate much?

does Pavlov and his dogs ring a bell?

What is anyone in university doing reading Ayn Rand. Whatever happened to reading about me? Read, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

The Fountainhead is a good read, but you’ll come out of it feeling super self-righteous and maybe even self-destructively idealistic. If you’re in for the big read, pick up Atlas Shrugged and put that objectivism to a more positive use. You’ll come out feeling even more self righteous, but you’ll also realize that if you want to take your product design abilities and truly put them to a “positive use” (however you define that) you’ll need to take matters into your own hands and do it yourself.

Being an industrial designer doesn’t have to mean choosing between corporate (worst case: faceless minion of The Corporation) or consulting (worst case: slave to the client). We can start our own companies with our own goals and agendas. Others are doing it (Medium, Vessel, BluDot, Mint, etc.) and I think many more will too in the next decade…

It begins from as early as when you were born into the contents of the provided reality.

Exposure to what is now is the beginning point of the infection.

Ironic part of the system is the abscence of individual realization of living within the visions of evil.

Virus could never be cured if no one realizes that they them selves have already assumed the role of the progress of infection, even when 1 takes the step away to realize the clear picture of the dieing good, 0 will always defy the revolution.

Remember, we must rid of the poachers of Mother big bad wolf.
As the keepers of this planet have begun the process of consumption of all evil, the demise of Entire infection would be the only freedom from the present and clear evil.

Desire may have many ways of manifestation.

Work with the know in the mind to pass down into your spawnning existence on Earth for the triumph of good some where along the way.

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i think that your point is being missed, Jeez.

i have been thinking along those lines all summer, i am a student, and it seems that the more that i study the world of design, the more disappointed and turned off i am by the state of it.

youre right, there is no integrity, morals, or any sense of consequence. no sense of necessity, no sense of…humility, nor accountability. no foresight for the life and death of a product, nor a sense of the amount of energy and work and materials that go into these unnecessary and misconceived products.

the design world needs to be turned upside down and dropped on its fat head.

a reality check one might say.

i am still going to pursue the field, but as i do, i am going to search for opportunities to find out exactly how to design right, and provide the right products, for the right people, at the right cost (cost not limited to money).

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Laughing at the last “guest” from my playpen.

Keep your questions coming, Jeez and the last guest.

It’s successful and infuriates the self-righteous “adults”.

“the design world needs to be turned upside down and dropped on its fat head”

i heard that!


Smart ass shiet talkers belong at 1 place with a neck cuff and feet tied seweing my magic rug! Ah HA ha hA

There is no escape

:smiling_imp: :

“Others are doing it (Medium, Vessel, BluDot, Mint, etc.) and I think many more will too in the next decade…”


Assuming that the attitudes expressed on Core are a good indication of the trend/slant among the youngest, hippest, hottest, youngest designers out there (ala Pratt), I don’t think many more designers in the next decade will be able to think beyond a financial or ego-driven agenda. Hell, IN MY OPINION, they’ll only be able to obsessively redesign the shoe, over and over and over again. And that’s it. This is a generation of conformists who will be the factory workers of tomorrow. Not the thinkers, doers or movers.

The design world needs a big smack down.

Hey, Evil one, your services are needed for more a$%#! than just my own. (Good you finally have some use, eh?)

Very poor assumption, Louise.

So tell me, coffee. Like everyone else here, I tend toward poor assumptions, and Core posters are quick to hammer me for it, while letting the “main stream” and familiar assumptions skate by. A mob I say! A mob! It’s extremely difficult not to get slapstick here.



Ultimately, it is up to you how you integrate philosophy into your work. If Rand speaks to you, then that may be where you have to go. If not, look elsewhere. I suspect that you’ll end up developing your own… just the fact that you’re even contemplating the question puts you into a very small class (pun intended).

Take my own case. I contemplated going into computer science but didn’t after deciding that I didn’t want to pay my dues by working for any of the firms during that era… late 80’s. The decision has hurt my overall finances, but I still feel good that I haven’t contributed to the dismal products in the software industry. One could argue that I could have contributed good things, but it is the rare and gifted individual that doesn’t have to pay dues, which by nature involve a bit of Orpheus’ing about.

My advice is to read, read and read. But not just the classics… read up the current thinkers, like the Viridian people. They are extreme but there is always something to be learned, especially if there are holes in a theory.

Don’t just study designers and architects, but look up the gifted engineers or the crazy inventory types. If PhDs actually studied some philosophy, we might not have some of the truly scary frankenstein inventions that loom over our existence (Aug 6th is a 60th anniversary of one such thing).

Look at the eco-design field. Or the genetic modification stuff. And when you’re done, make some decisions. Then read some more and be prepared to change your mind… that’s the mark of renaissance.

And don’t mind the detractors (on all sides). They don’t only provide entertainment, but can provide positive insight and lessons about where you shouldn’t follow.