Integrating a Screen, laptop and Battery


I would appreciate any help I could get on a project I am working on. Its is basically a portable device that integrates a 17” LCD, a net book and a portable battery into one unit. The idea is to have a screen attached to a wheel chair for def-mute individuals. The screen will be attached above the wheelchair so they may interact with each other at a conference.
I need to have one battery powering both the screen and the laptop so only one battery or battery pack will have to be replaced, so the net book battery will be discarded. The battery will need to last a minimum of 2 hours.
The screens are about 19V and 3amps and the netbook is about 19V with 2amps. What is the best way to make this system work effectively?
The idea is to get a 12 or 24 volt battery using a regulator and take it into the Screen and netbook. What connections will I need in terms of the wires and physical connectivity?
Any help will he greatly appreciated?
Thank You

From a technical perspective, you should be able to hook a regular auto inverter up to a battery, plug in a power strip to that inverter and then just plug your devices in to there.

From a product perspective I’m a little lost…why is the assumption that they are deaf AND handicapped? Also, deaf-mute is an offensive term in Deaf culture, only one step above “Deaf and Dumb”.

Also - is this for communication or for some other type of interaction? If it’s for communication, why is the assumption they can’t use sign language?

If it’s for some other interaction, why does this have to be deaf specific? Not to stir the pot but you don’t want to come up with an idea that violates a lot of accepted norms of Deaf culture.