How do I obtain some type of insurance to cover me incase someone gets hurt using my product. Will small business insurance cover it? What if someone deliberately misuses your product and gets injured? For example, what if I designed a chair and someone climbed on top of it and jumped up and down, successfully breaking the chair and injuring themselves? Would I be held accountable? Does anyone have any advice, or past experiences to share?

If you belong to IDSA then

Thanks for the link, but I’m looking for something more. $4000 dollars minimum when I’m producing about 15 pieces, it’s almost as much as materials and labor! And on top of that, I’d have to renew the insurance for unkown years to come. I realize this coverage doesn’t come cheap, but I doubt anyone could hurt themselves using my design UNLESS THEY INTENTIONALLY MISUSED the product. Is it possible to have the client sign something that removes my liability? Again thanks for advice and shared experience in advance.

I feel your pain.
My background of designing baby products for 10 years makes me question the argument of “deliberate misuse”. I am not saying you are not right, I am just saying there are a lot of hungry lawyers out there. I wish you luck.