Instruction manual help

So Im currently working as an intern and been asked to update the style of instruction manuals which are currently in word. Now I’ve no problem creating the layout etc in indesign. Just wondering is there a standard program used for this task maybe to have more control over the document.
Any info on the subject would be great!


I typically use illustrator to create all of the illustrations, then the images go into a word template that allows other departments to use and edit. There have been plenty of times I render models as linework only. This can save a lot of time.

Nice, pretty much what I’ve starter with. Still messing around with word template its quite a pain to use.

I would suggest you use InDesign to do layout work if you yourself are doing it.

If you’re comfortable with InDesign, do it. PDFs are always the preferred method to review electronically anyway, and InDesign will give you more control over printed output.