Installing Pro/e

Jeesh!! I always thought that I knew a good bit about computers but the process of trying to install Pro/e on my laptop has been very painful. Why is it so freakin’ complicated??? With Adobe CS, you just type in your software key, do some registering and that’s it. I’ve already spent a few hours downloading more data than the library of congress and haven’t even started the installation process!

Anyone else suffered through this? Oh yeah, is there some sort of code-name for ISDX that I don’t know? What is Creo? Is that the name for the latest release of Pro/e? Getting really confused with all the options.

The ProE installations are some pretty crazy downloads. I think the latest builds of WF4 and WF5 that I installed were in the 2-3 GB range.

Creo is the latest from PTC. They added another software package to their line and combined it with Wildfire in an attempt to make the UI a little smoother and the increase the functionality. None of the clients I am working for have had any reason to jump to Creo – the bulk of what I do is still in WF4. I just love how PTC spent 20 years building a brand and then changed the named and confused everyone everywhere.

In Creo ISDX should still be ISDX – you might see it called Creo Parametric Interactive Surface Design Extension if someone is feeling persnickety.

The new creo interface (Wildfire 6.0) has a more up to date user interface with respect to microsoft industry standard.

Still a pain to install tho.