Installing (and running) Solidworks on Vista

I have a laptop with vista 32x home premium, like 2.2 Ghz. 4 GB RAM, and a ATI card ( 512 MB on that I think with a different power supply). I need to get solidworks going on this puppy, I have 2007 but it will not install. Others have gotten it to run on 64x Vista Business, or Ultimate. But toughs classification should not make a difference other then 64-bit structure. I have copied the DVD to a separate partition on my Hard drive, I was going to use ORCA editor from MS to edit the MSI files. This however can be a little bit dodgy and have negative results ( make my computer not work any longer). Have any of you done this or gotten Solidworks to work on similar machines? I was thinking to put XP on a partition and dual boot it, but I think with a Core 2 duo that I would need a different version of XP to do this, I have some old release version laying around in a box someplace.

No Vista support for 2007 solidworks if I remember correctly. You should be able to get it up and running with 2008 (or 2009) if you actually bought it…

Since I’m guessing you didn’t buy it, dual boot w/ XP. Serious hassle, but it will work.

I bought it!, I just had it on my old laptop before it went south (the laptop). I have a copy of the ‘Personal Edition’ that a reseller sent me, and a copy of the Student license (not the free one , the version that is like $70-90). People always put trojans and junk in any good software you might procure through alternate means, I cannot be bothered by that.

Ok, so then there’s no way to stay up to date with it since you aren’t paying the annual fist up the rear-end fee.

Never the less, your XP dual boot thing would probably be best.