I’ve been getting seriously hooked on instagram, and a little into pint rest.

Thought I would share some of the more fun instagrams I follow. Open to suggestions too please!

Also, mine if you want to follow:

Your Grammy coverage looked pretty fun. Daft Punk would have been amazing.

Really dig this one. Her process work on her furniture pieces is always awesome.

I’m a big fan of people who post process pics. There is a really good furniture design community on IG.

And myself:

thanks for the tips guys!

@Chris, yes, Grammys were awesome! Daft Punk + Stevie Wonder was great.

I like to promote myself:

I tend to post photos from car events, life drawing and random happenings around here in Southern California. Check it out if you can!

Other artsy instagram stuff:

plugging myself -

I started following a lot of adventurers and photographers lately. - Follows the life of a finnish border collie - Follows the life of two Vancouver, BC pointers - One of my favorites - Absolutely stunning nature photographer who utilizes a ten stop ND filter to get some amazing shots - Canadian based photographer - Vancouver, BC based photographer and adventurer - Another Vancouver, BC based photographer and adventurer - Creative and photographer - awesome composition - 14 year old dutch adventurer - amazing feed - Nature photographer out of the NW - Swedish illustrator - A couple living in the artic, photographs the land of the cold - 17 year old nature photographer - Urban photographer from Toronto - Chicago based photographer - My favorite urban/nature photographer - Black and white only urban photographer - A good friend who is always posting some great illustrations and sketches

Scott Robertson has a great Instagram. He’s been doing a lot if insectoid bots lately.

in no order, i enjoy documents her travels with her wonderful automobile great photos she finds hearts everywhere tattoo artist who does some incredible oil paintings ronnie fieg great artist has a product review blog stop motion artist artist mike and a gopro artist great stuff

I dig this guy. He’s a Japanese illustrator in Tokyo that draws people out it in the world. I love when those passing moments are captured.

What is Instagram? What’s the point of it? I’m not looking to denigrate it, I just don’t understand it.

Check this out:

Then this:

This one:

Some interesting instagrams, just saw them today in archdaily