Inspireme Foundation

Inspireme Foundation

“move with inspiration in mind”

The Inspireme Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to raise funds and dedicated to supporting innovative programs that offer inspiration. Its goal is to promote inspiration in communities, actively promote excellence in education, and living active positive lives.

Here is a small project been working on for school. I have been thinking about taking it to the next level and making it an actual foundation. Because of my current situation with school/ familiy/ and work I am not sure I can do it. So I am now leaning towards proposing it to a Organization or Foundation and let them carry it on.

The tag-line “move with inspiration in mind” means that when you are walking/ running/ sitting whatever that you are keeping inspiration in your thoughts. That you are aware that anything around you could be inspirational. I have this saying for the foundation because through my 11 weeks of experiments/ research I have found that people are not inspired and are taking inspiration from the same sources (ex. tv, internet most common) and I feel you can take inspiration from all things around you. I think we need to change our daily patterns so we experience things in life that we normally wouldn’t, because we live lives in a routine pattern.

Below are some links to the beginnings of this project.
(not close to a presentation level/ still in draft)

process book: (90pages) to be seen as facing pages when viewing


website mock-up: (first two pages are cover and site map) images and copy is “dummy” to just show placement options