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I have been collecting things that have inspired me and wanted to share with you guys some of what I have found.

The latest is a free promotion book about adidas. More can be seen on my blog. But Thought would share because there are some nice desk shots and sketches (things we rarely see)

be easy


cool, good find!

rats. i looked everywhere and rang around the australian distibutors but they dont have it.
my friend had a nike book like this years ago (it was in japanese) with photos of the designers walls and desks and stuff, it was awesome, photos of all the pictures on their walls with sketches stuck up everywhere. i looked at that book for 5 minutes and 6 years later im stil feeding off it.

KE, this might be your lucky day! Got a copy yesterday from one of my girls :wink: But since you called me edward scissorhands a few post ago, might have to reconsider

crank up the photocopier homey!!
but maybe you’ll need me to do it because you might cut it up with your LONG POINTY EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS
(and whats this about “one of your girls”…?)

thanks for sharing mark! i ‘ordered’ one…

got mine yesterday…thanks for the link! Anyone know what the name of the shoes are in the bottom rights on 40 and 41? thanx

yessir! good lookin’ out B!

Thanx for the link, I ordered one the day you posted. How long does it take to come in?

took for mine to come in about 3 days. seemed longer, because I wanted it to come in so can look through it…and was moving out in a matter of days and wanted to make sure it came in before I left.

If you take off the cover sleeve, it acts like a poster and there is a cool back side.


I actually just got it about 30 minutes ago, looks good. Not sure how old some of the renderings are, they said they’re airbrushed.


the airbrushing is kinda old school.

when I was out there for the interview 2 months ago, I saw many of them using airbrushes. I did some with wacoms.


yo, this book is [dylan]hawt fiyah![/dylan] lots of good stuff, i have never seen much of the stuff on pgs 40 & 41, very slick…

wow … i got this today … even cooler than i anticipated! so thanks again mark. that part with the masking tape over the shoe… i’m going to have to try that out.

Good looking out Mark…I cant wait to get it…

PS congrats on the Adidas gig…F*** IT UP!!!