inspired by cardboard and shoe rack post!

check it…after seeing this…

and this… Flotspotting: "Shrine Shoe Rack" Brings Hip Sneaker Boutique Chic to Your Humble Abode - Core77

and always seeing the massive amounts of scrap cardboard at my work…i made this…

hoping to step it up soon and make something out of the scrap steel or clear acrylic we might have after some projects :smiley:

Good idea, I could use that! I’ve got a box of corrugated plastic signs that needs to turn into something.

Great 1-hour manufacturing project LS!

How about some shots of your “joinery”? Come on, throw us a bone here… :wink:

well… :stuck_out_tongue: i initially wanted to approach this as if im wood working and try to do it all in corrugate but i just dont have the know how yet :stuck_out_tongue: so where i needed to keep things tight i punched some holes and using some spare dowel rod i had laying around i ‘sandwhiched’ the uprights to help keep the shape :smiley:

hopefully i can revisit this soon and make it cleaner :smiley:

sadly when you get up close its a lil rough…would be great if i could die cut all this stuff out :smiley:

The dowels seem to be working. If things loosen up with use, try cutting some long, slender wedges to replace the dowels. Make them a bit thicker at the big end than the dowels. Then it’s just a matter of pushing them in a bit to tighten the structure.

With a little refinement (maybe a top shelf, and another “shoe” shelf) I can see this die-cut, and in the Shoe Department of WallyWorld, etc.