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Sticker Project….
Stickers historically have been a starting point in the graffiti community. They can be created in the privacy of one’s home and put up quickly. Traditionally graffiti writers use freely available US Postal labels in combination with colored markers to create stickers of their tag.

Project requirements:
Create a sticker designed to be a part of the urban environment. Use your knowledge of existing stickers to break from the norms and traditions of what is currently adhered to newspaper boxes and sign posts. Concentrate not on stylistic or design issues, but in thinking about entirely new ways stickers can be used to communicate in public spaces. Think of what unique skills you have as artists / image makers / programmers and put them to use in the creation of your sticker. Experiment and be playful with materials, technology, production methods, and placement. In this project, as in all the projects this semester, successful pieces will creatively identify and exploit existing elements and systems in the city. Your creation should fit in rather than simply stick on.

Any materials can be used as long as the method of attachment is an adhesive sticker, including (but not limited to) postal labels, HELLO MY NAME IS stickers, and computer printable sticky back sheets. Any number or size of stickers can be used, and there is no technology requirement.

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