Inspirational Tumblrs

Hi everyone,

In the light of the Yahoo’s crazy shopping spree which ended up with a $1.1 Billion acquisition of Tumblr, I wanted to see if the community is running any inspiring tumblrs themselves?

I started mine almost about year ago and have found it tremendously inspiring to collect, organize and share visual content.
My initial reason was to be able to access my own collection of inspirational visual material from anywhere. It then quickly developed into its own project of collecting and curating all kinds of visuals. I am using colors, hues and shades as a connecting thread.

If you got one or know one you like, feel free to share here!
I’ll start by listing a few I follow and use at work quite often as reference.

I haven’t used Tumblr really but that seems like a great reason. I know my “Inspirational images” folder on my desktop is a mess and I haven’t actually looked through it all in months.

I love the way you’ve organized by color. It would be cool if there was a way to “zoom out” and see all of the colors on a single page, and then you could choose the color range you are into and look at the individual images.

Big fan of your tumblr Bepster, been following it for a few months. I always wanted to know where you source all the images from. I am sure they come from many sources, but there are a few that I would definitely like to know more about.

As for my own inspiration sites I also use:

All time favorite:

Try the Archive function in my menu bar. It might do what you want. I use it on other Tumblrs to flip through them quicker.

Thanks. To find the origin, I’d recommend to use Search by Image with Google. I do it all the time.

I have one that is a collection of imagery from Google Earth. It ranges from sociological observations to visually interesting places.

Wow, really love this one. Reminds me that I really should learn Grasshopper.

In the light of the Yahoo’s crazy shopping spree which ended up with a $1.1 Billion acquisition of Tumblr, I wanted to see if the community is running any inspiring tumblrs themselves?

If what just happened to Flickr is any indication, I think I’d be downloading any Tumblr stuff you’re in love with.

Don’t Blame Yahoo: Flickr Died of Natural Causes, and So Might Tumblr

Tumblr, like Flickr, faces a hard road. The $1.1 billion acquisition price demands that, at some point, Yahoo make money off of this new purchase, and yet Yahoo has promised to honor a business plan that never planned for much revenue . Compromises will have to be made, and they will either be fatal, or they won’t. Whatever happens, it seems inevitable that at some point the novelty will fade, the market will shift, and Tumblr will be pronounced “dead” as well. But don’t blame Yahoo. Eventually, fashion makes victims of everyone.

Yeah, that is what I am doing. If I were to re-blog my content, I could never arrange and curate it the way I do.

We’ll see how Yahoo will treat Tumblr. Hopefully they will let it be this awesome, messy, inspirational, constantly re-inventing mess that it is now. Knock on wood.

Well, if Yahoo needs a tax “write-off” Tumblr is the perfect vehicle. If, on the other hand, they need to make some money with it … maybe not so good. What’s even more disconcerting is, did they know Tumblr wasn’t making any money? And if they did, why did they purchase both Flickr and Tumblr?

We’ll see.

Nice stuff here.

Here’s mine I keep for personal inspiration I find… check it out

Thanks for many inspiration websites

Lots of reblogged posts but primarily just an inspirational collection.

I like them all, especially these ones, nice website name and very inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

A few of my favs

I just remembered about this thread and wanted to add some links

Last one isn’t a tumblr but it’s pretty cool

Blackletter( Tumblr:

Tumblr’s we follow:

Here is my collection:

There is some sort of theme or motif buried in there, but I post intuitively.

What are people’s thoughts on including a link to your this sort of visual library in a portfolio?