inspirational museum pieces

Saw the book ‘The Art Museum’ by Phaidon over christmas and was impressed/inspired by some of the things I saw, so thouht I’d share some of what I thought were highlights from a design point of view. This is a zebu vase c1200 Bc - in other angles it looks a bit Newson chaise lounge

This is a notched bannerstone c3000-1000 Bc, looks like a piece of modern art:

A very old Akuaba which is similar to an alessi corkscrew I’ve seen:

An african processional cross, just think it’s beautiful

Also saw loads of pottery from 1000’s of years ago with forms that are still current today. I’m not claiming these were the inspiration for any current/recent designs, just amazing how there aren’t really any new forms. Just thought the whole thing was cool is all.