Inspirational Design Shorts

I keep coming across cool design shorts (especially on Vimeo) that are very inspirational. Rather then make individual posts, I thought we should start an on going thread. So if you know of a good short, lets see it.

This first post is a cool short doc on guys who hand paint giant advertisements on buildings. There are not many of these guys left because of large format vinyl prints. I’ll have a whole new respect the next time I come across one of these.


Superb find sir and a great idea for a thread.

What a beautifully shot video on a fascinating subject. I’ve always appreciated painted advertisements but never truly appreciated the labour intensity of it. The way in which they’re able to create something so precise and vast working so close up and confined is amazing.

I don’t know if I can find the links to any shorts I’ve been impressed with lately but I did watch a TED talk with Ross Lovegrove today which I found really interesting and informative.


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I’m quite surprised this thread hasn’t been flooded with inspirational design shorts.

Here’s one that I found today that is very inspirational and whilst it doesn’t answer them it definitely addresses some really important and topical questions.

SLS using sand and the sun in the Sahara… I like the way he tips the waste out at the end, awesome!


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29 ways to stay creative. Very nicely done.

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Marc Newson IkePod

Nice Travis, I’m always in awe of glass manufacturing.

I ran across this manufacturing of Leica Lenses. Leica lenses are not cheap, but when you look at the care and precision that goes into them, you understand why.

check this one out, couldn’t get it to embed:

Oh School…

That’s so awesome. I love that it just glosses over actual logistics. But what I love about this time period, is that designers had really big picture ideas. The world could be anything you wanted it to be, you just had to think of it.

Here is another one in the Magic Highway series. When I saw the first video, I thought this has such a classic Disney vibe to it and it turns out that’s because it is Disney. Makes me want to go stroll through tomorrow land at disneyland.

AT-AT afternoon, AT-AT day afternoon on Vimeo

AT-AT afternoon


29 ways to stay creative is very good. A few of them are pretty dubious though haha

A couple good shorts from

I nice one on Vitsoe. Not exactly a mass produced Chinese factory.

Great idea for a thread. Kepp em’ coming

Great video from Sony on Kinect hacks

I’m sorry but that TED conference video about Ross Lovegrove…blahhhhh. What a pretentious f#ck. He compares himself to DaVinci and nature. Really? He designed a couple chairs and a retarded water bottle.

Microsoft did a series of 2019 vision videos a couple years ago… here’s productivity and healthcare. They are really into surface

Saw this article today - good but slightly chessy video - apologies to those of you whi have already seen it